What we do

We engage in the following:

    • Conflict monitoring and mitigation activities organising regular joint interactive meetings in communities, designing and implementing peace advocacy programmes in the mass media, carrying out peace advocacy work in schools and public places including worship centres in the State.
    • Serve as intellectual base and resource to support Government in formulating and implementing policies that relate to the promotion of peace and conflict management and developing a strategy for managing residency and citizenship matters;
    • Partner with other local and international organizations and agencies involved in peace mediation and conflict resolution work in carrying out its functions;
    • Develop models of conflict prevention and management for intra-pastoralist conflicts, and conflicts between grazing reserves settlers and host communities;
    • Promotion of mutual understanding and respect between farmers, herdsmen and pastoralist through sensitization and regular joint interactive meetings with community leaders to settle disputes and resolve common problems;

Other areas of engagement include:

    • Assist the Government in the formulation of policies and measures that promote general security, social stability and compliance with the rule of law, and develop strategies that will check negative social values and vices capable of causing crisis in the state.
    • Implement and review policies, peace agreements, regulations, standards, guidelines and mechanism governing peace building and conflict management and
    • Carry out all such things as may contribute to the fulfilment of the objectives of the commission.

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