How we work


Our Team consist of:

  1. The Chairman 
  2. The Executive Vice Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer of the Commission;
  3. Two (2) Permanent Commissioners;
  4. Secretary to the State Government
  5. The Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice;
  6. Special Adviser to the Governor responsible for Security matters;
  7. The Commander of the State Vigilance Service;
  8. Three Local Government Chairmen, one from each of the Senatorial Districts of the State;
  9. One representative of the Muslim community in the State;
  10. One representative of the Christian community in the State;
  11. Three representatives of the Traditional Council in the State,one from each Senatorial District;
  12. Three representatives of the Youths, one of whom is a woman;
  13. Three other persons of integrity with not less than ten (10) years cognate experience in peace building, mediation and conflict resolution, one of whom is a woman;
  14. One representative of the Farmers Association;
  15. One representative of the Pastoralists Association;
  16. The Secretary of the Commission;

Our Local Government Team:

For each Local Government Area in the State, a Local Government Peace Committee that perform the functions of the Commission at the local government level. The Committee comprise of the following:

  1. The Chairman;
  2. The Secretary to the Local Government Council who is the Deputy Chairman;
  3. Three (3) persons that represent the diverse demography of the Local Government Area;
  4. One representative each of the Muslim and the Christian communities in the Local Government Area;
  5. Vigilance Service Coordinator in the Local Government Area;
  6. One person to represent traditional institutions in the Local Government Area;
  7. Two (2) representatives of the Youths, one of whom is a woman. and
  8. The Head of Administration of the Local Government Council who is also be the Secretary of the Committee.

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